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Here you can find press releases from Stallion 51. If you're a member of the media and need additional information, please contact KT Budde-Jones, Promotions Coordinator at

Date Title
5/16/2013Stallion 51 celebrates the "Pilot Maker's" 75th Anniversary
Stallion 51 commemorates the T-6 Texan's 75 years of teaching pilots to fly at this year's Sun N Fun celebration. Read More
2/20/2013AVDOC 51 at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) Offers Comprehensive Aviation Medical Exams
Dr. William T. Busch of AVDOC 51 (in partnership with Stallion 51) keeps pilots “healthy and flying.” Read More
8/28/2012Aviator TV, season 3 premiers with Stallion 51 flight training
Stallion 51 will be sharing their historic T-6 Texan and their legendary P-51 Mustang with the world on “The Aviators TV” season premier. Read More
5/9/2012Gathering Foundation "forms up" with local schools to share aviaiton history
Just as fighter pilots “formed up” in WWII to make a difference, so are the OASIS program and The Gathering Gathering Foundation forming up to make a difference in the education of Osceola's students. Read More
5/9/2012Stallion 51 continues to share the thrill of flying high end, high horsepower vintage aircraft.
Stallion 51’s place as the premier Mustang flight operation is a team effort. That team is made up of aviation professionals with many years of experience with high end, high horsepower aircraft in both the military and civilian world. Read More
5/9/2012Lauderback Legacy-25 years of Mustangs and More
The Lauderback brothers have taken their passion and turned it not only into a business but into an empire. Lee, Peter, Richard and John are the corner stone of the Mustang world; restoring, operating and marketing the rarest of the breed. Read More
4/4/2012The Gathering Foundation
The Gathering Foundation shares a hangar and aviation history with Stallion 51. Read More
4/4/2012UAT program Broadens your Horizons
Stallion 51 has expanded their flight operational syllabus to include an introduction to unusual attitude training utilizing their specialized L-39 Turbojet. Read More
4/4/2012AvMed51 at Stallion 51
AVMed 51- where you can FLY-IN for your FAA Medical Exam! Read More
4/4/2012Stallion 51 celebrates Silver Jubilee
Stallion 51 is celebrating their 25th Anniversary, an amazing milestone for any business today much less an aviation business that specializes in rare, high end-high horsepower historic aircraft built on the dreams and passions of the Mustang. Read More
12/29/2011BOOK REVIEW of Gathering of Mustang and Legends; The Final Roundup
It has taken four years to gather all the photos and stories from one of the greatest aviation events ever held but it was well worth the wait. Read More
12/29/2011The Gathering Foundation; Sharing History, Heritage and a Hangar with the Stallion 51’s Mustangs.
The Gathering Foundation not only shares the history and heritage of the Mustang with Stallion 51 they also shares a hangar. It is the perfect location to collect and preserve the stories that draw visitors by the thousands to the Mustang. Read More
12/29/2011Gathering of Mustangs and Legends-The Final Roundup Book is ready to read.
For those who attended the Gathering, the book will bring back great memories in vivid detail. For those who missed it, this is an opportunity to experience the magic that happened at the Gathering of Mustangs: The Final Roundup. Read More
10/6/2011World War II Fighter Aircraft Foundation Museum Restoration Center is open for tours at their new Fa
The WWII Fighter Aircraft Foundation (WWIIFAF) Museum’s Restoration Center will be open every Saturday from 9:00 am to Noon at their NEW location next to Stallion 51’s flight operation on Merlin Drive in Kissimmee, Florida starting November 5, 2011. Read More
10/6/2011Angel Flight Raffle Winner flies in Crazy Horse II
Angel Flight SE's 2011 Fundraising Raffle Winner takes flight in Stallion 51's Mustang. Read More
8/24/2011The Timeless Texan
The T-6 Texan is over 70 years old and is still a legend in the aviation world. It is referred to as the Pilot Maker because of all of the pilots it taught during WWII and continues to teach today the fine art of flying big engine tail wheel airplanes. Read More
8/22/2011Covert Ops at AVMed 51
“Covert Ops” is how many pilots approach their medicals. Read More
7/14/2011Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assocation Hover Over Stallion 51 For Their Reunion
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Reunion visits Kissimmee Gateway Airport’s Aviation Attractions. Read More
7/6/2011Another “Last” Reunion for the 352 Bluenose Mustang Pilots
Members of the 352nd Fighter Group and their notorious Blue Nose Mustangs met at Stallion 51 for their 2010 reunion. Read More
6/29/2011National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) PHOTOSHOP WORLD WORKSHOP
Internationally recognized and honored photographers Joe McNally and Moose Peterson brought their Photoshop World Workshop to Stallion 51 for a special seminar on photographing aviation subjects. Read More
5/27/2011The Gathering Foundation and OASIS program
The Gathering Foundation participated in the Osceola County School Appreciation Business Luncheon held at Signature Aviation at Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Read More
5/30/2010WWII FAF's Focke Wulf Project Moves to Stallion 51
Kissimmee, Florida, March 31, 2011- The “Horse and the Hun” will be hangared together at Stallion 51’s facilities located at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Read More
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